Get a Library Card

Apply for a Card

  • Apply for a library card at the circulation desk.
  • Patrons looking to apply for a library card will be asked to show proof of residency with signature. 
  • Library Cards are issued for 3 years. You will then need to renew your card for another 3 years. 
  • Only for residents of the Bay Shore-Brightwaters School District. 
  • If you don’t know what School District you are a part of, use the Long Island Index Map and search your address. 

Get a Card Online

  • Fill out the form to get a library card online. Valid for 30 days.
  • Come to the library within the 30 day window to complete the process and get a physical card issued to you.

Acceptable Documents for Proof of Residency:

  1. A current New York State Driver’s license. (If the patron has recently moved, there are instructions on the reverse for changing his/her address.) Patron must change address to receive Library card.
  2. A current official non-driver identification card, or recreation card, with address and signature and expiration date.
  3. Medicare/Medicaid or other health card that gives address, signature and expiration date.
  4. In the absence of any of the above, the Library will accept a current tax receipt or lease giving address. Persons presenting this form of proof of address must also present current proof of identification with signature.
  5. Mail or most bills are unacceptable as proof of address.
  6. The Library will accept utility bills (telephone, water, gas or electric) in combination with other proof of identification.
  7. The Library will accept Medicare cards or car registration without signature if they give address in combination with identification with signature.
  8. If a patron presents proof of residence (utility bill, tax bill, etc.) in combination with address ID from another address, that address must be noted as alternate.
  9. If one member of a household presents proof of address, the Library will consider other members of that household at that address who have identification but not proof. (e.g. children, retired parents, etc.)

Renew a Card or Lost Card

  • Proof of current residence is required to renew a library card. Use the same accepted documents for proof of residency listed above. 
  • If you have $15.00 or more due on your account, your card cannot be renewed until balance is paid.
  • Lost Card: If you lose your library card and would like to get a new one, there is a $2.00 replacement fee. 

Borrowing Guidelines

Take a look at our Borrowing Guidelines Here.