About Us

Our Board of Trustees

Diane Hartill, President
Elder Frances Bell, Vice President
Francis Pooley, Secretary
Joan A. Mason-Dollmann, Finance Officer
Dr. Richard Harmond, Trustee

The Library Board meets regularly on the last Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Library. 

Mission Statement

It is the privilege of the Bay Shore – Brightwaters Public Library, through its Trustees and staff, to serve the Bay Shore – Brightwaters community – young, old, or in-between, white collar or blue, regardless of race, creed, gender, wealth, or education – as a cultural and information center for all and a center of life-long learning. All will find at the Library the means to enrich their lives.

Our Staff

Library Director

Michael Squillante


Laura Carey

Adult Services

Andrew Story

Roger Seebald

Children’s Services

Katir McIntyre

Jennifer Korzenko

Teen Services

Katrina Phillips


Liz Kunnmann

Margo Walter

Dara Tartaglia

Laurie Rodney

Loriann Roy-Sanwald

Business Manager

Janet Anderson

Information Technology

Paul McGovern


Ruben Cortes

Robert Tuthill


Long Range Goals

Foster an atmosphere of life-long learning for all, encourage a love of reading (regardless of format) in children and young adults and provide and promote opportunities for personal development at all levels. Celebrate learning of every kind.

Continually listen to the community, identify its unique personality and tailor collection and program offerings to their distinctive needs/wants. In particular, be aware of changes in the composition of the population and new trends as they become visible. In the year preceding the expiration of each Long Range Plan, offer an opportunity for the community to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the process.

In collection and program offerings, take into consideration the broad spectrum of our constituency. The growing Spanish speaking community provides one challenge. Our teen room offers a particular test as we create collection and programs for this special group.

Make every effort to draw our entire diverse community into making use of the Library facility as a community center. Ensure a safe and clean environment.

Strike a balance in offering traditional Library service for those who wish while at the same time constantly updating technology and electronic resources to better serve our patrons.

Provide as many opportunities for staff enrichment, particularly in new technologies, as possible.

Collect, preserve and provide local information, current and historical.

In light of economic challenges and the “tax cap,” seek to maintain or increase our services to the community. Strive for moderation combined with excellence, practice economies where possible and resist the ephemeral in favor of substance. Investigate any area of cost savings. In particular, continue to investigate opportunities to reduce electric use through conservation, daylighting etc.

In addition to exploring any and all prospects to expand Library parking, prepare to renovate the parking lot, explore the renovation of the second floor office area, investigate the renovation possibilities in the lower mezzanine to offer more space for meeting rooms, consider the addition of a solar array, and otherwise continue to keep the facility in excellent condition.

Library Board Adopted
July 2011
Revised July 2019